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Rick Waters Master Crafted Homes

Rick Waters Master Crafted Homes

You know the place. You’ve seen it already in your mind — your photos hanging in the hall, your mementos softly lit in the living room. Your loved ones, your life, surrounded not by walls or windows, but by the feelings they create. This is home.

Home can be newly built — from foundation to rooftop — in a prime spot you’ve carefully chosen and with every detail creating a space uniquely yours.

Your home can also be newly redone, updated for the way you live now with all the latest amenities.

Either way, Rick Waters will help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of because he’s taken the time to listen first.
What is Master-Crafted?

It’s more than attention to detail; it’s an intuitive sense of what a home should be. From the things you see to the things you don’t, you can trust Rick to build a home that not only suits you right now, but one that you will love in the future.

It’s carefully planned, thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted — from colors, textures, sunlight, privacy and view to property line setbacks, floor elevations and engineering — all of it matters.

It’s a home with cutting-edge technology — high efficiency heating systems, advanced insulation techniques, energy efficient appliances, controlled indoor air quality — that unites aesthetics with efficiency.

This is a home you can expect from Rick Waters Master-Crafted Homes.
Custom Homes

Your new home — no matter where it’s located — is a sizable investment. If this is your first master-crafted home, it requires a huge financial and emotional commitment. Rick understands. He also realizes you have a target budget in mind and a vision of your finished home. He’ll guide you through every step in the process to make sure your home fits you on all counts.

Rick specializes in capturing the distinctive Pacific Northwest style and translating it into inspirational designs that speak to your own taste and style.

You love the street you’re on and the neighbors you’ve learned to call friends. Perhaps your children have grown, and you need to reconfigure your living space. Rick can custom-craft remodels as well. He can add a new dimension to your home by rethinking your existing space or adding new ones to what you already have.